Quality of Service

Redfin wants to ensure the highest quality of service which is why our Partner Agents go through a rigorous interview process before being accepted into the referral program.Our Partners are dedicated professionals who embody the same values as Redfin in creating a memorable customer experience during a seemingly stressful time.


To ensure that you are working with an experienced local specialist, we require our Partners to close at least 15 transactions in order to join the referral program.


Redfin checks references! We love customer feedback so before an agent can be referred to our site, we contact three of their past customers.

Just like with Redfin agents, our Partner customers are surveyed at the end of every transaction. We publish all surveys -- the good and bad -- when a deal closes or fail. We will also publish location and price point for all Partner transactions. You can always take a look at the Partner agent's reviews by visiting their profile page, or by simply clicking on the reviews under their name.

Lastly, accountability. Redfin is a customer focus, customer-driven company. We hold both our Redfin agents and Partner agents accountable for a WOW experience with every client. As mentioned, Partner agents are held to the same standards as Redfin and must maintain a 4+ star rating in order to work with us.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out to our Partner Team directly at partner-agents@redfin.com or call at (253) 271-8436.


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