Redfin Commission

Redfin is one of the only brokerages that will refund a buyer a portion of our commission when buying a home. When selling your home, our agents charge half a standard listing fee usually 1.5% unless otherwise indicated.  This means that a Redfin customer will save thousands when working with one of our agents.



Redfin makes it easy to find a local agent. Typing in a location in the white search box will show you a dropbox of options. Look for the “Agent's” option to see the local team


Once you land on the local agents page, you have the ability to read reviews for each agent as well as contact the agents team. Select the contact button and fill out the form.


From here click submit. An agent will reach out to you shortly. To learn more about saving with redfin or to speak with an agent visit our how you save with Redfin page.


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