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Want updates on homes around your area? Curious about market values or when it may be a good time to sell? Redfin offers Home Reports for all of our registered customers.

Our Redfin Home Report publishes statistics and trends about your home and others in the area. We keep you up to date on the estimate and cue you in on recent homes sales. If you would like to sign up for more reports, follow the below steps:



  1. On the main website go to the ‘Find a Home’ search bar and enter the address of the desired home. A link to your home should pull up, which will take you to the property page.


2. At the top of the property page, you should see ‘Track This Home’s Estimate’ and below it should be the option to click on ‘I’m the Owner’ which will allow you to receive monthly Home Reports!


3. In addition to the monthly home reports, you can go to your “Owner Dashboard” for real time information regarding your home’s statistics.

  • To access your Owner Dashboard, hover your cursor over your username in the top right hand corner of the page.
  • ‘Owner Dashboard’ should be the fifth option from the list for you to click on for access.


If for any reason you would like to unsubscribe home reports you can do so by  hovering your cursor over your username in the top right hand corner of the page.  Select Email Settings from the drop box and look for the "Monthly Insider & Home Reports" section.  To remove the report, click on the check mark next to the home address, all changes are saved automatically.



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    Jonathan Kozodoy

    If the estimate is worthless there is no point to the rest of the home report.

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