Open Book: A Directory for Lenders, Inspectors, Handy People, and Stagers

Open Book is a great resource for finding services in your area. These businesses have been used by Redfin customers  and can provide insight into what companies will be a good fit for your home buying or selling needs. Each vendor has been reviewed and we create a profile, complete with customer surveys so that you can get a  preview of the local company.

To find the Open Book Direction, look for Tools in the top right hand corner of the homepage under the drop-down menu labeled ‘Tools’ on the Redfin’s homepage in the top right corner of the screen.

Once you find the directory, you can select your location on the right side of the page. This will direct you to businesses in your area.

From there, you can pull up different business profiles and, read customer reviews, learn more about the vendor services, find contact information, and see their Redfin service rating.




If you are a lender, inspector, handyperson, or stager and want to learn more about being featured or edit/remove your profile on our website, please email Or give us a call at 253-271-8436.

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    Pam Wells

    84 Fox lane Gunter,Texas is Co owned between 2 siblings since passing of their father in 2009,no will probate pending. Property needs many repairs from floor-up. An estimate value, as is condition, maybe 85,000.00 at best. the Grayson County tax accessor office are way way off. This is just my FYI I lived at this address near 30 years, house since 2003.

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    Kelly Noonan

    Hello Pam,

    We offer the Redfin Estimate where we have enough local and home-specific data to maintain our accuracy levels. If you would like to discuss this particular property more, feel free to email



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