Selling Benefits

We’re so excited to hear you’re thinking of selling your home with Redfin! We are a full service brokerage and are committed to helping you save money. To find an overview, check out the How you Save with Redfin  for an overview of our listing services:


To start, Redfin offers a 1.5% listing fee (1% in Chicago, Denver, Seattle, and Washington D.C) for our selling service, minimum commissions may apply. As the seller, you are also responsible for the agent representing the buyer, which is typically between 2 -3% in most areas. However, this is something you'll want to confirm with a local agent. Learn more about restrictions that may apply.



Because Redfin is a full service brokerage, when listing a home, you have the entire team at your disposal. Our selling service includes:

  • Professional photography
  • Our cutting edge 3D home scan
  • Redfin's "Last Call" technology to drum up additional offers on your property
  • A seller dashboard to track your listing
  • Full color listing sheets
  • Yard signage
  • Staging advice
  • Open houses
  • Marketing in the MLS and all highly visible real estate internet sites
  • Ongoing agent feedback, and more.


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