Email Settings

The “Email Settings” tab is the go-to hub for controlling all of your automated alerts and emails. 

Redfin News

If you are interested in Redfin events, news, or our blog you'll want to select whichever option interests you. Whichever box you check, that is the email you will receive! 



Listing Updates: 

Instant vs. Daily

Next to each favorite and saved search you will see an option for either instant or daily alerts. Instant alerts send you an email the instant a property pops up that matches your search criteria, or something happens to your favorite home. A daily email will save that information for a longer list of updates at the end of the day. For saved searches, check the instant or daily box next to every search you want emails about. 

Email Preferences

When you click on "Favorites/Shared Favorites Email Preferences" or "Saved Searches Email Preferences" you will see 6 different different topics. Do you want an email every time a price changes on a favorite property? Every time there is a new open house? Select which options you would like to be notified about here. 



Some other features you can subscribe to are Recommended For You, Last Call, and Price Whisperer. 


Insider and Home Reports: 


Insider and home reports provide you with real estate data on a specific area or a specific home. Any homes that you have claimed on our website will be shown here, so if you no longer want to receive a monthly home report- just un-check the box that will show up next to the home address. 



If you turn this on, you will receive no emails from Redfin about favorites, searches, or news. If you feel your inbox is getting full and you'd rather just come to our site to do your research, this will be the option to select. 


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    Steve Patterson

    Is there a way to get a weekly digest of new homes rather than daily (or more) emails? I want to stay informed but it's way too many emails right now. 

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    Emily Cisneros

    Hi Steve,

    Thanks for writing in!  We have the option to have alerts sent daily or instant, though weekly is not a frequency we have available for listing alerts at this time. I am happy to share this request with our developers so they know you would find it useful.  Also, if you need a hand managing your emails, this article may be helpful for you:

    Please let me know if you have further questions!



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    Octoria Parks

    My email settings keep turning off.  I have to come back and reset them every other day.  Is there a way to keep that from happening?

  • 0

    Hi Octoria,

    Thanks for letting us know! Could you send us an email at with the email address you should be getting them to and we'll see what I can do!


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