iPad Saved Search

Do you have the perfect home in mind for your home search? The best way to find homes on Redfin is to build a saved search. Here are the steps for setting up a saved search when you're logged into the app on the iPad:



  1. Above the map in the search bar, type in the city/zip code that you would like to search.
  2. On the left hand side of the search bar, you will see a three lined button. Tap this button and you can access the filters to narrow down your search results based on your price preferences, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, year built, and more!
  3. Press the word “Apply” in the right hand corner of the filter menu.
  4. To save this search you will then just want to tap the button 'Save Search' found at the top of the map.

Now you have a save search. To access the search in the future you would just tap into the search box and your saved searches should show in the drop down menu that appears.



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