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There are many types of alerts available through Redfin to help you find the homes that interest you. Our Recommended For You emails look at your past and present search habits on our site, and offers homes to you from there.

Recommended Home emails will adjust over time, depending on the properties you view on The more you look, the better that this feature can determine the types of homes you are interested in. There may be a slight delay in these, but eventually you’ll start getting recommended homes that suit your preferences as time goes on.


Because Recommended Homes cannot be directly changed, you do have the option to stop receiving these types of notifications, if you are not finding them helpful.

 To unsubscribe from recommended for you alerts, Log into your Redfin account by hovering your cursor over your name (in the upper right hand corner). 


Here you will see that the Recommended button is set to On.

But switching it to Off will prevent these types of emails from coming your way going forward.








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    Jan Camden

    These alerts do not even vaguely represent the sorts of homes I've been viewing.  They're very annoying.

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    Hi Jan,

    Thank you for your feedback and sorry for any inconvenience. Once you turn off those emails, we will no longer send those to you. 

    Again, sorry for the troubles. Let us know if you have any other questions by email us at



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