Shared Favorites

Redfin Shared Favorites is the perfect tool for collaborating with your co-buyer, friend, or real estate agent on a house hunt.

Follow these steps to get started:


  1. Log into Redfin and click on your name in the right hand corner. You will see a drop down menu with the option “Favorites”.
  2. Click on “Your Favorites” to change your page to Shared Favorites
  3. Choose whether you want to add a co-buyer, an agent, or a friend. As you can see, a co-buyer can add favorites, comment on your favorites, and invite members. An agent and friend can comment, and add favorites, but they cannot control members.

After you select "manage settings" you will be prompted to send an invite to your Co-buyer/friend/agent. You will want to make sure that whoever you are sharing your favorites with has a Redfin account. If they do not have a Redfin account, they will be prompted to make one. 

Once you have successfully added someone and clicked on “send invitation”, they will get an email that looks like this in their inbox:


Now when your shared favorites member goes to see their shared favorites, they can also see any comments that you left on a particular favorite! This is a great way to share what properties you are excited about. (Reference image 1 to see how to get to Shared Favorites section of profile).


In order to remove shared favorites, you will want to make sure that all comments are removed first, then you can click on the property, and un-click the “heart” icon, and the property will be removed from your shared favorites.

If you change your mind about sharing, you can edit members of your shared favorites any time by clicking on the “edit members” icon in the right hand corner of your shared favorites page.

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    Todd Saran

    Is there a way to get notifications on Redfin when someone I have shared with makes a comment directly on redfin?

    I do get emails, but I don't see any notifications on the website.

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    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for reaching out to us about this! At this time, the website doesn't give notifications like that. We only send you emails once your co-buyer/friend/agent makes a comment on a home. 

    Let me know if you have any other questions!



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