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On each listing details page on Redfin, we show a Public Facts section that contains information about that property from public records. Redfin gets this information from a third party who gets it directly from local county assessor and recorder offices. We display this information to give you the most complete set of facts about a property and to supplement MLS-provided information about a home which can occasionally be incomplete or unclear.

Why Doesn't Public Record Information Always Match MLS-Provided Information?

There are a number of reasons why the facts entered by the listing agent may not match those from public records. The MLS listing is typically the most up-to-date and reliable source of information about a home for sale. Below are several common reasons why the two sources may not agree:


  • Recent additions & remodels. When a house has been recently remodeled or updated, the MLS listing typically reflects the most current number of beds, baths and square footage. The assessor's records are typically much slower to update. Additionally, the MLS "year built" may sometimes be the year of a major remodel whereas public records typically show the year the original structure was built.

  • Finished vs. unfinished square footage. It may not always be clear whether the square footage of an MLS listing includes any partially finished or unfinished areas of the house such as a basement or a garage. Public records often split out square feet into finished/unfinished which can make it clearer. When the MLS and public square footage do not agree, the MLS typically is more reliable.

  • Addresses. On rare occasions, we may accidentally match a listing with the wrong property's public record. This can happen if a parcel was divided or there are two very similar addresses in a certain jurisdiction. Contact us with the home's address or MLS number if you suspect this may have happened.

  • Historical data. Redfin shows sold listings from the MLS for the past several years. The home facts for the MLS listing describe the house at the time it was sold. This is valuable information when using sold data to determine the fair market value of a property you are interested in. The current public facts for these older listing may reflect work done on the home after the sale.

It is a good idea to contact your agent if you have questions or need some clarification about MLS-provided facts. If you are interested in a home, there is no substitute for seeing it in person to see its condition, size and features first hand.

Sold Information from Public Records

In addition to beds, baths, square footage and other factual information from public records, Redfin also displays publicly recorded sale records. For more information on public sale records and how they relate to MLS sale records, see our help page on the topic.


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    Emily M

    6900 Henry Ave Philadelphia, pa 19128 please remove all my information including pictures from your website.

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    Hello Emily,

    Thank you for writing in! I am seeing that the images have been removed from our site. Since this listing comes from an agent who does not work at Redfin, we are not allowed or able to change any other home information provided by the original listing agent.

    If you have any further questions regarding this, please email,we're happy to help!



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