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Only want to look at condos under $500K, or a single-family home with 3 beds and 2 baths? Redfin has you covered! To personalize your search, you can restrict the listings returned by changing your search criteria. This way you can find different types of homes:

Different types of homes:

  • for-sale-by-owner homes
  • recent sales
  • foreclosed homes
  • homes that meet your criteria for price, beds, baths, and other features
  • upcoming open houses

To change your search options, start by typing the neighborhood, city, or zip code of your search into the search box. Click on the search button (looks like a magnifying glass), which will take you to our map page. You can find the search box under "Find a Home" on the main page or within the white text box at the top of the screen on other pages.

Once on the map screen, you’ll see the "Filters" button at the right above the table:


Property Type:

  • filtersearch-house.pngHouse: Results will include detached, single-family homes.
  • filtersearch-condo.pngCondo: Results will include condominiums.
  • town.pngTownhouse: Results will include townhouses.
  • multi.pngMulti-family: Results will include duplexes, triplexes, and other multi-family buildings.*
  • land.pngLand: The results will include vacant land.*
  • other.pngOther: The results will include properties which do not fit into any of the above categories such as timeshares, parking, and ranches.*

Listing Status:

To view your options for homes that are For Sale, click on the “show more” option to display the following:


  • Status: The listings returned are filtered based on their current status. You can choose to see active listings, under contract/pending listings, or both types of MLS listings. These listings have been entered into the Multiple Listing Service by an agent or owner.
  • Days on Redfin: The listings returned are filtered based on the amount of time they have been actively for sale on the market. For example, if you select "Less than 60 days" for Days on Redfin, the results will contain all new listings that have been added to Redfin in the past 60 days.
  • Open Houses: Check this box to see only homes that have a scheduled open house. You can further refine the search to select open house results for the coming weekend or anytime.
  • Price Reduced: Check this box to see only listings with at least one price reduction. You can use the drop-down menu to show homes whose last price reduction occurred during a specific time period.
  • Exclude Short Sales: Check this box to exclude properties marked as short sales by the listing agent when submitted to the MLS or in the marketing remarks.
  • Fixer-upper: The marketing remarks for these listings contain keywords such as TLC, needs work, handyman special, and contractor special. Alternatively, the listing agent specifically marked the listing as a fixer.

Listing Type:

  • MLS-listed foreclosures: These listings have been entered into the Multiple Listing Service by an agent or owner and the marketing remarks contain keywords such as foreclosure or bank-owned.
  • For-Sale-by-Owner (FSBO) listings: These listing results are posted for sale without a listing agent. A for-sale-by-owner listing may be listed in the MLS, or on a number of for-sale-by-owner websites.*
  • Foreclosed homes: The results will include homes in foreclosure from the bank's website. These homes are likely not for sale.

To view Sold data, make sure to select the "Sold" option and choose the time frame in which you would like to view.


These are recent property sales pulled from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and public records. Recent past sales can be useful benchmarks for evaluating the price of a listing or doing a Comparative Market Analysis. Include these results by selecting a time period in the Sale Records drop-down box.

Redfin currently services houses, condos, townhouses, and multi-family properties with up to 4 units. Redfin does not service other property types. Furthermore, unless a home is listed in the MLS, Redfin will not be able to assist you with a purchase. We display potentially ineligible listings because the information is available to us, and we want to make our search experience as in-depth as possible.

 MLS rules in the Bay Area do not allow us to show MLS listings alongside information from other sources.

Property Facts:


  • Square Feet: This will restrict the listings returned based on the approximate square footage of the building on the property.
  • Lot Size: This will restrict the listings returned based on the approximate square footage or acreage of the property.
  • Year Built: This will restrict the listings returned based on the approximate year the home was built
  • Max HOA Fees: This will restrict the listings returned based on the approximate HOA fee amount for the property

Home Amenities:


  • Parking Spaces: This will restrict the listings returned by the number of parking spaces on the property. Check the "Must Have Garage" box to restrict the results to properties with a garage.
  • Must-Have View: Only listings that are noted as having a view will be returned in your results.
  • Waterfront: This will restrict the listings returned to those designated as waterfront properties.
  • Schools: Check this box to display local schools on the map alongside your results.

Keywords Search

This field is a great way to search for options that might not be typical, like searching for a pool or single-story home. Enter any phrase that you are interested in, like “rambler” or “pool.” If the listing agent has included this description on the home, Redfin will help you find these types of homes. If you enter multiple terms, only listings whose descriptions contain all of them will be included in your search.

Suggested Searches:

  • Find the home that suits your personality with a search for craftsman, loft, bungalow, or tudor.
  • Narrow your multi-family search by searching for duplex or triplex.
  • Stay warm by searching for a fireplace.
  • Find a house with a mother-in-law apartment.
  • Get the features you want with a search for hardwood floors or maybe granite countertops.
  • Search properties with a hot tub or a pool.

At this time, the keywords search is restricted to a listing's marketing remarks and does not search the full text of the listing's amenities.

NOTE: Only homes that match all of your search criteria will be shown. For example, if you check the "Price Reduced" and "Open House" boxes, you will be shown only those listings which are price reduced AND have an upcoming open house.



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  • 0
    Laura Voglino

    Hi Guys, I love your site. Here it would be helpful to have a bottom that allows me to actually change my filters. I am having trouble finding the link 

  • 0

    Hi Laura,

    I would love to help you out with this. I would go ahead and email us at and I'll see what we can do to help out!



  • 0
    Anna Pecot

    I am helping my friends in search of a single-storey house. Google brought me to a similar filter request: Apparently, this filter has not been enabled yet? Or am I not seeing it? Thank you for your support.

  • 0
    Kelly Noonan

    Hello Anna,
    At this time this filter has not been enabled yet. Please know that I am passing this onto our developers so that they are aware that this is still a highly requested feature. 



  • 0
    Barbara Gray


    I follow ongoing listings and sales in areas in which I own investment properties, including Seattle and Bellingham, WA. Recently I noticed that when I filter results by "under contract/pending," there are no --0-- properties showing in the search area (and I get the "Let's get you back on track" message). This occurs even as I have favorites marked as still pending that are still showing up as pending on my Favorites page. There are properties pending--they are just not showing up. Is there some amiss with your system? Thanks for your help. Also, Redfin is definitely the best site for property searches, and I will be using Redfin agents for upcoming sales next year. 

  • 0

    Hi Barbara,

    I'd be happy to take a closer look. Please send us an email to and we'll try to resolve your issue.



  • 1
    Rula Sai

    Screen shots need to be updated, thank you

    Edited by Rula Sai
  • 0

    Hi Rula,

    Thanks for letting us know! We just launched a new layout to the filter menu today, so we will be following up with updated documentation shortly. Please leave us any feedback you have regarding the new look!



  • 0
    Carrie Smith

    I would like to know if there is filter for homes that are affiliated with Homeowners Association (HOA's) and if there are monthly vs annual dues. 

  • 0
    Emily Cisneros

    Hi Carrie,

    Thanks for writing in!  Redfin's website does have a filter for HOA dues.  To find this, please enter a search location on the map page and click More Filters on the right hand side. Scroll to the Property Facts section to see Max HOA Fees found under Lot Size.  Here you can select if you would like to view homes with no HOA fees, or a maximum fee amount of your choosing.  

    I hope this helps, please let me know if you have further questions!



    Edited by Emily Cisneros
  • 0
    Shubha Bharath

    Please provide an option to remove/hide the crossed out homes from the list and the map.


  • 0
    Kelly Noonan

    Hello Shubha,
    Thanks for reaching out! Please know that I am sharing this feedback with our engineers. 


  • 0
    Danielle Chatman

    Is there not a filter to weed out contingent and pending properties? It’s really annoying to have to sift through your favorites that are already in these statuses.

  • 0

    Hi Danielle,

    Thanks for reaching out!  You can filter contingent and pending properties by clicking on the blue "More Filters" link when you do a search of an area.  Scroll down to where it says "Listing Status."  There should be a drop-down box, where you can select the status to "Active Listings."  From there, you should only be receiving homes that are active.  Hope this information helps!  If it doesn't work, please feel free to email us at and we can take a look at it further.  



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