Searching for Homes

On Redfin you can search for homes for sale a few different ways: by neighborhood, by the city, by zip code, by MLS number, or by drawing your own search.


Clicking on the search box on will produce a drop-down menu with your most recent searches and any saved searches you may have.

Once you start typing, the drop-down menu will give you the option of searching Places, Schools, or Agents.

Once you've entered the location you're interested in and hit enter, you’ll be taken to the map page. Browsing the map, you can zoom in on a neighborhood, and Redfin will automatically show you all the listings available. To zoom in, click the plus button in the lower right corner of the map. To zoom out, click the minus button.

When you zoom in a bit more, you’ll see individual listings, as shown below:

To jump to an area on the map without browsing or panning, type an address, neighborhood name, city name, or zip code into the "Location" field at the top of the page, and click the search button. If Redfin finds more than one location matching the criteria you entered, you'll be prompted to choose the location from a list:

Once Redfin has found your location, we highlight it on the map with a red outline. To remove the red outline and see all the results on the visible map, click "Remove Outline" in the lower right-hand corner.


Alternatively, you can use the "Draw" button at the bottom of the map. Using this tool, you can draw any shape to capture the areas you want.


After running your initial search, you’ll have options for filtering the listings further.


If you're interested in having alerts sent to your email that fit your set search criteria, click the "Save Search" button at the top of the map. This will save the search and prompt Redfin to send listings your way:

If you're looking for information about the neighborhood, scroll down past the map. There you can view recent statistics about sales in that market, information about schools, and a Walk Score for the area.


If you know the home you want to see, simply enter the MLS number or address for that listing into the search field and click the "Search" button.



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    Darriel Ledbetter

    I find this site to be so confusing.  I just want to find a small house or condo in the Ft. Lauderdale áreas, under 135,000 dollars, but with a large garden space.  I recently sold my house here in Mexico and tomorrow I am going to Ft. Lauderdale to look around.



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    Hi Darriel,

    Thanks for writing in. If your having trouble following the above directions for setting up a search. Feel free to send us an email via for further assistance.



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    we would love to live somewhere soon, as I have little property and wish to move USA i would like help with Green Card and Visa (work)

    CBB DESIGN (designing the new world)



    Fred Zart

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