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Redfin has real time information on sold homes in your area to help you see what has sold in an area. We draw the information from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). When we don’t have information on the home from the MLS, we get the data from public records.

To search for sold homes, first search in the area you are looking to get sold information in and hit the ‘Filters’ button. Click on ‘Sale Records’ and mark the amount of time you’d like to go back. Hit ‘Update Search’ and you’ll see all the homes that have been sold in that area meeting that time frame:




You can also change the filters to be similar to home, or homes that you are comparing them too. You just need to change the other information in the filters box to find homes that fit what you are looking for.

How to Distinguish Between For-Sale and Sold Homes?

Sold homes are indicated with a blue icon on the map and blue shading on the home details page. For-Sale listings are under contract listings are indicated with Green icons. Here is a link to more information on what the other icons mean.

How much Sold Information Can I see?

 We show all the information that each MLS allows. Unfortunately, most MLS's require that users are registered and have a verified email address to see all the information. Registration on Redfin is free and we'll never sell your information to a 3rd party. When we don't have sold information from the MLS we'll show you sold information from public records.



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    Nashet David

    I already have an agent


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    C L

    How do I download the sold home data? I just don't see any option to download, but I have used it previously. Did Redfin remove this extremely useful feature?

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    Hi CL,

    Thanks for reaching out about this. Below the list of homes within a search, you should see blue lettering the says "Download All". In some cases that might not be there due to MLS restrictions in the area. For further detail on this, please send us an email at and we can see if that is the case in the area you are searching.



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