Map Icon Key

After you enter a search location into the search bar, you will see a map with icons representing homes on the map for that area.


The price pins represent the list price for the home along with any special distinctions like:



 Redfin listed home.

MLS Listing: A dark green icon represents a property for sale on the MLS.

Open House: A listing which has an upcoming open house.

Hot Home: Hot Homes uses a mathematical formula, or algorithm, to identify which homes for sale are likely to sell quickly.

Previously Viewed MLS Listing: A MLS listing with a light green icon represents one that you had previously selected and viewed. Being able to quickly see which listings you already have viewed saves you time when looking for new listings. This icon appears on the map for registered Redfin users who are signed in.

Favorite: A listing with a heart in the upper right corner represents a listing that you have added to your list of favorites.

Tour Insights: A listing with a star in the upper right corner indicates that a Redfin Agent toured this listing and provided insights about it. Due to MLS rules, we may need to ask you to register or sign in with a confirmed email address before you can view Tour Insights.

X-Out: A gray listing with an 'X' in the upper right hand corner represents a home you have added to your X-Out list and may not be interested in.


For-Sale-By-Owner (FSBO) Listing: A pink icon represents a home that the owner has advertised for sale without working with a listing agent. A For-Sale-By-Owner home may be listed in the MLS, on a number of For-Sale-By-Owner websites, or not at all.*

Foreclosed Home: A purple icon represents a home in the foreclosure process not listed in the MLS.*

Previously Sold: Properties with a blue icon represent properties that are not for sale, but for which Redfin shows photos and other details from the Multiple Listing Service MLS and public records. By reviewing past sale prices, photos and amenities of properties similar to the listing you are interested in, you can gauge whether the listing price is fair.

School: A school icon is shown for public and private schools. Positioning your mouse cursor over top the icon will show the school name and address.




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    Lea Rush

    The icons are outdated for the website. X-Outs just barely dim and have no X. It's hard to tell the difference between an unexamined listed and one you've looked at and discarded.

  • 0
    Kelly Noonan

    Hello Lea, 

    Thank you for sharing this feedback. Please know I am passing this along to our developers so they are aware of this as well.



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    Garrett Ross

    The icons are pretty outdated.

    Spanish to English 

  • 0
    Kelly Noonan

    Hello Garrett,

    Thanks for writing in! I would to learn more about what your are referring to, would you be able to email with any additional information?



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