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If you want to see more information on a listing you can have access to all the information that Redfin has on a property. To view the details of a home that is for sale or a previously sold property on the map page, you can click the icon for the property on the map.



To view the all the details of a selected home, click the picture of the home just to the right side of the map. To view the details for a previously sold property, click the picture of the home as well.

When you click the picture of the home for a particular property you will be taken to the home details page for that listing.

To get more information about each element in a house, visit the interactive diagram in the Home Buying Guide.


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    Darryl Carrigan

    Just recently (!/29/2018) I completed converting the detached garage into a man cave / studio rental.  It includes a bathroom complete with toilet, shower, and vanity.  It has a small kitchen area and vaulted ceiling.  It is currently rented at $550 a month.    THIS WAS NOT INCLUDED IN THE ESTIMATED PRICE.

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    Hi Darryl,

    Thanks for letting me know! Can you send us an email at customer-service@redfin.com and we will take a look at this. 



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