We Survey Every Customer And Show You Every Review

Redfin surveys every customer who signs an offer or lists a home regardless of whether they successfully buy or sell a home with us. We do this because we feel every customers' opinion is important, not just those who bought or sold a home using Redfin. In fact, we're so confident in the service of our agents that we show you all of their ratings and reviews on their profile pages. This not only lets you see how Redfin did as a company, but it also helps you select the agent that is right for you.

In areas that Redfin services, our agents get paid a bonus based on the results of this customer-satisfaction survey. In outlying areas, we work with partner agents that share our values and commitment to customer service. Partner agents are compensated from their individual brokerages, but you will get a $500 gift if you buy or sell with a partner agent because you came to them from Redfin.

We have prepared this list of frequently asked question to answer those questions that you may have. If you have more questions about agent profiles, how Redfin works, or anything else about the site, feel free to contact us directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Redfin survey every customer?
Redfin surveys every customer who makes an offer or lists a home with us. Even if a buyer's offer isn't accepted by the sellers, we'll post the customer's survey on our website to help other buyers and sellers select the agent that is right for them.

Does Redfin ever hide a survey?

Redfin only hides a survey if the survey contains inappropriate content such as profanity, libelous content, etc. This is the same as any other review site. The score for that particular review is still displayed and counted towards the overall score, however.

Some surveys say "No response". How is this possible if Redfin surveys every client?
While we send surveys to every client, clients don't always respond to the survey. We still wish to show you the transaction involved so you can see the homes that the agents bought or sold.

When does Redfin send out a survey?
Redfin surveys each client after their first home tour and after they sign their final offer with us to buy a home, or a listing agreement to sell a home. If the client tours multiple times, the client may not get surveyed every time so as to prevent survey fatigue. For the same reason, if a client submits multiple offers, the client will receive a survey only once, usually when they close or 30 days after their final offer. We show all the responses to these surveys, because we want to know how we did and feel that it's important to share that information with our customers, as well.

Sometimes, when a client continues working with us over an extended period of time, we'll push out the survey time-frame by an additional 30 or 60 days. If you think you should have received a survey, but we haven't sent you one, just let your agent know.

In addition to these publicly-displayed surveys, we may send our customers short surveys designed to help us improve our customer service. The results of these surveys are not displayed on our site.

What does the survey look like?
There are different surveys depending on the event. For example, there would be a different survey for a home offer versus a home tour.

The survey itself is broken into two smaller surveys. The first survey is the same for all events and asks:

  1. How likely are you to recommend your agent's real estate services to a friend or acquaintance? (Rated from 0 to 10, with 10 being the strongest possible recommendation.)
  2. Please review your experience with your agent.
  3. Can we anonymously share your comments about your agent with other Redfin website users? We will never share your name, email or other contact information.

If you worked with a Redfin partner agent, your survey may include additional questions about your experience.

Once the client submits the first survey, the client is taken to a longer second survey. The second survey asks questions that are specific to the each event. These responses are used internally for things like developing demographic statistics and are not directly displayed on

Sample Redfin Survey

How is the star rating calculated?
The star rating is the average of all of the returned ratings. The returned rating is actually measured on a scale from 0 to 10. All ratings are averaged, and then divided by 2 to get the overall star rating.

What question is asked to get that agent rating?
The question is "How likely would you recommend Redfin to a friend or colleague?" This is the "Ultimate Question" as defined by Frank Reichfeld. It is considered by many experts to be the best question to determine customer satisfaction. Clients can answer on a scale from 0 to 10, with 10 being the mostly likely to recommend Redfin. This is used to calculate the agent rating and Redfin's overall Net Promoter Score (NPS). This score is divided by 2 to get the star rating for each review.

If the same client returns two surveys with two different ratings for the same agent (e.g. the client made multiple purchases through Redfin), how does that affect an agent's score?
Both ratings are included in the agent's score. No scores are excluded by default.

Why is the number of deals sometimes different from the number of reviews?
Deals include only transactions that result in a successful home purchase or sale. Reviews include all survey responses, regardless of whether a home is bought or sold. If an agent gets a review based on an offer that was not accepted, this would count as a review, but not a deal. On the other hand, if the client bought a home but did not return a review, this would count toward the agent's total deals, but not toward total reviews. This means that the number of deals and the number of reviews don't always line up.

I used Redfin to make an offer on a home, buy a home, list a home, or sell a home and I did not get a survey. How can I get surveyed?

There could be several reasons for this:

  • We don't have your contact information or we have the wrong contact information. We send surveys via email. If you gave us an email that you don't check regularly (e.g. an email address just for Redfin but no other purpose), you may not realize that you received a survey email.
  • The email might have been filtered to your spam or junk email folder.
  • There was a technical issue or outage when your email was supposed to be sent. To get a survey sent to you again, please email
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