Log in with Facebook or Google +

If you have a Facebook account, you can use it to join or sign in to Redfin. It's faster and easier, and lets you see which of your friends use Redfin, too.


To do this, we collect your basic, publicly-viewable Facebook information, your Facebook email address, and permission to post to your Wall.


When you add homes on Redfin to your Favorites, they will automatically post to your Wall, but you can turn off Facebook sharing if you like. We also give you the option to use your public Facebook photo as your profile photo on our website.

If you have specific privacy concerns, check out our Privacy Policy. You can also check out our Terms of Use, as well as the Facebook Terms of Use.

You can use your Google+ account to easily join or sign in to Redfin with one click, using the same password. Redfin does not share anything to your Google+ account at this time.

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