Deactivate Account

Done with your home search, or just no longer interested in using Redfin? We totally get it. You can easily deactivate your account under your account settings.

To get started, log into, find your name in the top right corner of the screen, and select the ‘Account Settings’’ option from the drop-down menu.


Scroll to the very bottom of your Account Settings page and select  ‘Deactivate Your Account’. It’s that simple!


Just make sure you are ready to go because this is permanent and your account favorites and searches will no longer be accessible.


*note deactivation can only be done on the full website, not the mobile app

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    T B

    Thanks again for all my family and ex husband Todd Bowen for the late years we spent together with in the home now I can come to my sense why home now is not the intended way I wanted to check out this life in.

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